Production Video Theme Giveaway

Hello good folks. If you aren’t aware, I just released my Production video theme for Genesis on Wednesday. I’m working hard at selling the theme, but honestly I’m a really crappy salesman. I don’t write great headlines, I’m not good ask asking for the sale, and I don’t advertise like I should. What I do is write good code. Production and the Genesis Media Project plugin that is the core of Production is an example of that.

I want to make the Genesis Media Project into an even better plugin with some really cool features for video, images, and audio. All of that takes time and we all know, time it money. I’d like to keep Genesis Media Project free so other developers can do really cool things with it, but that means I need to learn to sell my themes. As in actively convince other people they should buy it. Since I’m really bad at selling I thought I’d try to build some momentum buy giving a copy away.

I figure this will help two ways, first I’m going to ask folks to help spread the word to get their chance at a free copy. Second, if folks are using the theme that should make people go “hey, that is amazing I want a theme like that!”

So, how can you get a chance at a free theme right now? Pretty simple, go check out the Production demo. Take your time, see what is going on, then comment about what you like.

There’s just one more little catch. I’ve done a giveaway in the past, and for some reason I only got 2 comments. That isn’t going to really help me sell the theme, and if I don’t sell the theme I can’t afford to make the Genesis Media Project into what it really deserves to be. So I’m running this contest till I get back from South By South West, or until I get at least 25 entries (comments). So I also need to to get folks to sign up to win. If I get 50 comments before the contest ends I’ll give away 2 copies, and for each 25 comments I get I’ll give away another copy, so honestly, your odds of winning look pretty good no matter how many folks we get to sign up.

Oh, and if you aren’t sure, I’ll be back from SXSW Monday March 12th, so this gives you about a week. If you love the theme and can’t wait (honestly I really hope that’s true) please visit the market place and pickup your copy of the Production Video theme for Genesis today.

Some important fine print (I know this is written at the same font as the rest, but I’m not a salesman).
I am providing this copy separate from the StudioPress MarketPlace. I’ll email the winner a copy and it is theirs to use for their sites and client sites and pretty much anything else the GLP license allows. Please nothing illegal, but if you do find a way to do something illegal with it that’s on you. I warned you. In any case since it isn’t part of Copyblogger, StudioPress, the MarketPlace or any of that it isn’t going to be maintained/supported there. That doesn’t mean I’ll just leave you hanging though. Just wanted you to know I’m giving it away, not StudioPress.

Oh, and one more thing. Since I’m trying to make sure as many people hear and look as possible, you get one entry in this contest per commenter, not per comment. Feel free to leave more than one comment, but you still only get one entry.

So what are you waiting for?

  • Check out the Production Demo
  • Leave a Comment
  • Tweet it up (or otherwise get others to come and comment) [ntg_tweet text=”Production #GenesisWP #Video Theme Giveaway Comment to Win”]


  1. When first I saw the preview of this theme I thought this is going to be the hottest Genesis Child Theme of 2012…and so far it is. I’d buy this one but to be honest after spending $250 + to become a StudioPress Pro Pack member (good investment) there is not much left in the purse.
    I’d like to give it a go and I hope I’ll own one of the themes you give away to see hot it looks on my website. I love the font and the space between paragraphs make it exceptionally easy to read.
    Hope I’ll be one of the winners. Keep up the good work. I’m one of your constant readers and I know there is excellent stuff coming from you.

  2. Great new theme! Excellent design. I’ll use it when I have a video-centric web site.

  3. I will be promoting this heavily to help you out. I have been on the videoblogging list in Yahoo since 2003 and there’s a large community there still that could use something like this:)

  4. @Nick, I love this theme. Working the video into the homepage slider is a great concept. I will try and promote this for you. I submitted it on so hopefully more sign ups will come.

  5. Intosuwo says:

    I find this them particularly challenging to work with.
    I will start promoting this in the Netherlands.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Ashmita Patel says:

    Excellent theme to win. Let me try my luck.

  7. Jonathan Wilson says:

    I was thinking what John said. ^
    I’ll be promoting for you bro. :)
    If I don’t win, I’ll probably buy it (don’t exclude my entry, though!). I can see this on one of my sites.
    Have fun at SXSW!

  8. Finally a video theme with lightbox for videos! I’m stoked you made a plugin as well, so your work will extend beyond the theme! Would love to try this out!

  9. Nicely done! Beautiful theme. What plugin are you using for the social icons (doesn’t appear to be Genesis Simple Social Icons)? Are there any plans in the works for falling back gracefully to HTML5 video when Flash is unsupported?

    • I wasn’t planning on commenting but I feel it is really important to answer the HTML5 question.

      First, thanks. I am using a custom menu with over 50 possible icons built into the theme. I was finishing up the theme when the Simple Social Icons plugin dropped and I decided to leave my code there. You can use it or the Simple Social Icons. The video tutorial on the theme demo explain how to do the menu with the internal code.

      As for HTML5, it is my plan to update the plugin when Genesis 1.9 comes out, which is supposed to support HTML5. Right now Genesis is XHTML 1.0 transitional, and so HTML5 is technically invalid markup. It would work but for folks that need 100% valid markup I worked hard to validate the plugin/theme output.

      When Genesis 1.9 drops it should support HTML5 via a line of code in the child theme functions.php file. This will be something I can easily check via the plugin and change the HTML output. It will correctly wrap the embed code in HTML5 video tags so the code remains 100% valid HTML5 but is also gracefully fallback to a player that will work in older browsers.

      As a final note, this applies to self hosted videos only. Video that is added via embed code would need to be updated and the oembed (added via URL) videos will serve up whatever the video service sends. I might try doing some PHP magic to grab the video URL and change how that all works, but if I can’t get that to work with 100% of the major video services I can’t really justify doing something that breaks things for some users.

  10. Theme looks great.
    I have done the best to tell my followers on twitter and friends on Facebook about the giveaway
    here is the link to the tweet.

    Please count me in for the competition.
    Good luck to everyone participating.

  11. This is great. I’ve been trying to get myself to post more video but honestly I’ve seen some poor implementation in the past, so I’ve been weary.
    I’m a Genesis user for sure, and this new theme and it’s related plugin are making me feel more at ease.
    Great work!

  12. Jenny Arnezx says:

    There are several things that I appreciate about the production theme:
    1) the gallery style video player the thumbnails on the home & tutorial pages
    2) how easy it is to have both video only and traditional text copy posts.
    3) Very clean, appealing design
    4) it’s Genesis theme!

    I’ll share the contest via Twitter, too.

  13. Heya Nick! I’m really excited about the potential for your plugin and your theme. I’ve been meaning to bring up to a Genesis based theme from the old Tubular theme that I modified way back when for a long time now. and start making some more videos there. Breaking my home page layout a few weeks back wasn’t quite enough to get me moving in that direction. But your work is inspiring me to start thinking about resurrecting my site finally. Thanks for that! :)

  14. Chris Garber says:

    I especially love the styling of the blog page. And all the preset color choices you have done for the theme. Love your work (:

  15. The layout is clean but without the wide open blank spaces I’ve been seeing on some the Genesis themes. Thanks for keeping it tight.

  16. Hi Nick,
    Your video child theme certainly seems one awesome theme basically because it uses Genesis as the base framework and I totally love Genesis because Genesis offers so much to the end-user. Your child theme really seems quite elegant and feature rich.

  17. The media project plugin is awesome! I love that you can use the tabber with different slideshows in multiple places using shortcode. Can’t wait to see this develop and have additional functionality such as image gallery and audio file support. Also a really useful and sharp looking theme design.

  18. What can I say – I couldn’t wait and went ahead and purchased it anyway! You were super cool about answering plugin questions without expecting anything more than a ‘thanks’ and in my book, is just about the height of cool….

    The combination of ease of use, nice but customizable layout along with a totally awesome plugin? Can’t be beat…! The price is right, folks, and that ain’t just a tv show!

  19. Hi Nick,
    I’m THRILLED to see this theme! (not sure I can wait to win it though… ;-) ). I’ve been waiting for a Genesis video theme for a while!
    Congrats on getting it out- and kudos for wanting to keep the plugin free.

    I’ll definitely help spread the word with some tips/training on the theme AND plugin. Teaching everyday users how to use Genesis is what I do! This is perfect!

  20. Nice looking theme, and what most impresses me is that the videos are responsive. I have a Droid, so I don’t have a problem with flash, but I’m assuming this will work on iPhones and iPads too? Great job! I’m going to have to look into your code and see how you did it. :) When I need a video theme, I’ll definitely keep this in mind!

  21. Nick,

    This is a great Premium theme with another good plugin from you! A nice addition to the Genesis community and portfolio.


  22. Hi Nick,

    thanks for creating this awesome theme..well i need this theme to study and know the standards of theme that are accepted by StudioPress. hope to get a copy of this theme from here and help me to learn genesis more, so that in coming time release child theme using genesis framework

  23. Lydia Dugger says:

    wow… very nice! Love the tabs. Will definitely consider your theme when we are in need of a video template.

  24. Production Pro= for professionals Produce= for workers duction= food for the eye

  25. I know of a couple video geeks who I could pass this beautiful theme on to. Please pick me so I can haz video theme…. =]

  26. I love using Genesis and this theme looks like an ideal platform for a video tutorial site, putting some example videos in a prominent position on the homepage.

  27. Great theme. What I appreciate as an end user is the work you put into the media plugin.
    Should you ever be interested in creating a Photographer specific theme, I have some ideas and you obviously have the chops to get something like that done!

  28. Fantastic theme for Genesis. I could use it for a video site with clips for truck drivers and stuff.

  29. Honestly, there’s a lot I dig about this theme.

    Right now, I’m using YouTube to host all of our video tutorials. For the most part, it works. But using a theme like this, I really see some potential for controlling and organizing the content much better. I can still host the videos no YouTube, but here, I can organize them in a way that works for the user – using the category navigation menu the way you have it set up in the demo for example. That, and I can also control the sidebar content for any video posts/pages that I create using Genesis Simple Sidebars. This way, when someone accesses a tutorial, I can include sidebar content that matches the content for the page.

    I haven’t had a chance to test-drive it on mobile, but really, it’s a great theme. Definitely see a lot of potential to do some really cool video stuff with this one!

  30. This is looking pretty nice. Keep up the good work!

  31. Justin Schaeffer says:

    This is theme is now in my top 3. I am not a pro plus member so every theme I pick must be central to the cause of publishing my upcoming 4 site network, one of which has a reliance on videos to supplement text. There seems to be a disconnect with multimedia injection in most wordpress themes…good to see a product that delivers a multimedia connect

  32. Mike LaMontagne says:

    Honestly, No BS this theme works perfect for YouTuber’s who are constantly uploading new video’s. I find the user interface on YouTube to be a bit messy and can sometimes be confusing. Whats better than having your top 5 or latest 5 video’s in an easy presentable format and then your blog just a tab away?

  33. I haven’t been much of a video blogger in the past, but seeing something like this has encouraged me to give it a go, now I just need the ideas and the time to put some stuff together.

    I was expecting a video theme to arrive on the Genesis framework sooner, but having waited, I think this far exceeds my expectations.

  34. This is a great theme. Video is huge and too company people and companies are relying on YouTube to be the front of their efforts. Your theme gives people an easy way to market themselves and their video through a consistent brand experience.

    Glad to see this out there and looking forward to seeing your next creation!

  35. I really like the way the gallery slideshows are setup in the examples and it strikes me that this is really going to be powerful for “how to” styles sites that want to embed a tutorial in a a specific post by using the shortcodes. This seems like a really solid theme for a site that is video centric and I think that the way the dark parts of the theme play against the light parts provides a nice way of handling both written text and video slideshows in the same theme.

    One thing that I think can be improved has absolutely nothing to do with the video aspect of the theme is the News Cycle font seems awfully thin and conveys a “weak” vibe when used at smaller pixel sizes such as the menus and in areas with dense text such as the body text. I’m looking at it on Chrome on Windows, and so possibly it renders better in other browsers. This is not really a big deal at all, of course, since it is easily customization thanks to your extremely clear and well organized CSS. However, I think a more readable font might present a better first impression to purchasers.

    I looked at it in Arial just to see it in something neutral and all the issues I felt in terms of “weakness” went away… of course, not like I think Arial is a solution. Maybe something closer to the PT Sans you use here? This very well could be just me and my tired eyes though :-)