Second Chance to Win Production

As I said before, I am good at code, not good at selling. I worked at Sears in sales for years. I never tried up selling folks. I worked with another guy who was always doing up sells. He avoided people looking at cheap stuff and had the best sales all the time. He was a bit of a jerk though and I figured I’d much rather have happy customers that got what they needed, not what my bank account wanted.

I guess I do the same thing when it comes to code. I write up plugins and give away lots of free code. I’m trying to find ways of converting that into income, not because I can’t spend all my time doing paid work, but because I actually enjoy making really cool plugins and giving away free code.

Part of my plan is to build themes around the latest and coolest features in my premier plugin, Genesis Media Project. Yes, I know I could make it a premium plugin, but that goes against my initial statement. I want to make this plugin free. I’m working on the next stage of the plugin right now, it will have some new Video features, and a new gallery feature added. This will be done in steps leading to a new theme I’m doing this summer.

To help pay for this development, I have to sell Production and I have a plan for that.

Last time I asked for comments on my site and you all did great. I picked 2 winners. This time I’d like to do a similar project, only let’s use Twitter.

I want to pick at least 2 winners and this time you can enter as many times as you like.

By entering you are agreeing to let me use the tweet on the Production demo. Basically I’m going to make a very simple plugin for showing off testimonials and put that into the sidebar to show off my favorite tweets from this contest.

How to Enter

Ok, so all you have to do is tweet about Production using this URL That leaves you 114 characters to say whatever you want. I’ll be watching for every tweet that uses that link till April 22nd. I will favorite the tweets I like and at the end of the contest pick random winners from the tweets I favorite.

All the links I favorite will be added to the list of testimonials I’ll be using and will randomly appear in the Production demo sidebar with a link back to your Twitter account.

Remember, you can tweet over and over to enter the contest as many times as you would like. I will be giving away at least 2 copies and the more tweets the more copies I’ll give away.

Just remember, you have to include the URL so I can find it in the search I’m setting up to watch this contest.


  1. Hi Nick
    I’m in your competition.
    Good luck with development of your plugin.

  2. If I won’t win this time I’m going to buy it. Period.

  3. Great idea, sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I’m going to try out Genesis Media Project with my next project :)

  4. What happened to the Production Genesis Child Theme? Seems to have disappeared. Doesn’t show up on the Studiopress site. Shame. Nice videocentric theme.

    • At this time it is not available on StudioPress because I am a full time employee of copyblogger now. Please contact me via my contact form more more details. Thanks.

  5. I’m not one for competitions. How to buy?

    • at this time it is no longer available on StudioPress because I am a full time employee. Please use my contact form to get more details.